Building solutions, insulated panels, windows and doors.

Tailored solutions. Flexibility. Customer care.

Building solutions, insulated panels, windows and doors.

S Tailored solutions. Flexibility. Customer care. These are the trending topics in modern business. Urania Group applies these concepts since over 35 years, adapting to a changing world. 3 trademarks, 1 core, we bring a new vision for the construction business model.

A story of friendship, of overs 35 years.

Pan Urania and Serr.All. are friends since over 35 years, working as faithful partners in the modular building market.
A story of intuition: “The good entrepreneur of 10 decisions, guesses 7” says Renzo Targi, the president of Pan Urania.
A history of Made in Italy: quality and customer care as the unique possible business model.
A history of exploration: from Italy, Pan Urania and Serr.All. have sold their products in all continents of the world.

A brand that would unite them, in the end, it was just a consequence.