Modular construction: distinctive for DNA and tradition.

Urania Group is the result of a consolidated friendship between two Made in Italy companies, protagonists of temporary and permanent modular building at European and world level: Panurania and Serrall. Insulating sandwich panels and fixtures made of aluminium and PVC are created to fit perfectly into your constructive solutions designed by Urania Group, which for over forty years has been designing and manufacturing high-performance, eco-friendly and easy to assemble structures. Easy because our mission has always been to simplify your work with customised technologies and solutions.

Made-to-measure solutions. Flexibility. Customer Care.


From design to implementation, our modular building solutions are specifically designed to meet your needs. Moreover, our team endeavours to make all production phases unique, from the original idea to the finished product. Our strength lies in staying true to the “Made in Italy” customisation concept.


Urania Group has traditionally focused on solidity. Starting from individual handicraft operations, the group has grown into a broad pool of companies, production plants and processes that can be defined as an industry. In recent years, substantial investments in new technology and advanced machinery have led to the expansion of the Group companies’ operational and production facilities, which are located in the Umbria and Tuscany regions. A large, automated chain always respectful of the “green” heart and sustainability values.


Meeting the business needs of temporary or permanent modular buildings requires constant knowledge and preparation. This is why we invest time and resources in researching and developing new solutions to improve your performance. Through the experience gained in our laboratories, we continuously discover new products and processes that ensure compliance with your quality and performance needs.


Keyword: Simplification. All our construction technology, up to the integration of the fixture in the modular panel, is designed to facilitate the assembly work of your products. Our utmost attention to environmental aspects is expressed in our minimal material waste, package recovery, prevention of any structural problems and avoidance of exposed fasteners.

Acoustic insulation: rock wool and perforated sheet

When we talk about insulation and environments, the first aspect we usually highlight is thermal insulation, or the back and forth heat exchange between internal and external environments. However, we must not disregard the importance of protecting ourselves from noise to ensure good environmental comfort. In fact, noises with certain intensity and spectral composition can produce an auditory deficit over time, which hampers people’s ability to perceive the acoustic frequencies of the spoken voice (500, 1000, 2000 Hz), and seriously damages the quality of life. To clarify this aspect, we should take a step back and do a brief acoustics refresher.

Fixtures, doors, and windows: what are the differences between aluminium and PVC?

When building or renovating a house, fixtures and doors/windows are often the most difficult elements to choose, given the variety of types and materials available on the market. Each door/window features its own distinctive traits hence every room calls for a different fixture. If, for example, the focus lies on thermal insulation, we must select a fixture suitable to that end.