How monolithic sandwich panels can be used in the Off-site construction

25 February 2021
The Off-site modular construction allows to design and manufacture the structural elements of a building directly in the factory and then to end the assembly at the worksite, thus saving time, costs and considerably reducing…

Sliding Doors and Windows for Glamping.

10 July 2019
Sliding Doors and Windows for Glamping. Recently we have heard a lot of Glamping, that is … camping but Glamour: life in contact with nature without giving up comfort. In Glamping the windows and doors…

Prefabricated buildings for tourism: bungalows.

10 July 2019
Prefabricated houses are housing solutions that offer a simpler, faster implementation method. Ecological, cost effective, functional and, above all, safe: prefabricated houses are in no way inferior to traditional buildings. Panhouse: the Urania Group system…

Fixtures, doors, and windows: what are the differences between aluminium and PVC?

30 April 2019
When building or renovating a house, fixtures and doors/windows are often the most difficult elements to choose, given the variety of types and materials available on the market. Each door/window features its own distinctive traits hence every room calls for a different fixture. If, for example, the focus lies on thermal insulation, we must select a fixture suitable to that end.